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Expert Network is an integrated family of companies and associated vendors addressing the needs of consumers, as well as professionals engaged in the property damage and restoration industry. Whether you are a property owner, a Public Insurance Adjuster or an attorney working on behalf of a property owner, you can count on Expert Network to provide exemplary services—professionally and on time!

Our Services

iTEST Environmental conducts contaminant inspections and testing for mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, smoke and soot, as well as moisture mapping.Carefully constructed reports detail all laboratory findings and recommendations.

iPack Contents performs comprehensive contents inspection, estimating, total loss inventory, storage and cleaning. Fully documenting damage and loss for insurance purposes and preserving salvageable contents is essential.

Restoration Network is an associated group of dependable, licensed companies performing high-quality remediation for water intrusion, mold, bacteria, asbestos , soot and smoke.—to restore a property to a livable, healthy condition.
Recovery Alliance is a collection company specializing in the property damage and restoration industry. Our success is based on a proven methodology, industry knowledge, and expertise working with repair service providers, insurance companies and Public Adjusters.


Associated Service Providers is a network of carefully selected vendors for restoration and emergency repair services including plumbing, roofing, electrical work, construction and more.All suppliers are fully licensed and properly insured.



Structural Engineering Inspections & Reports  Highly qualified structural engineers perform onsite property assessments followed by comprehensive findings reports, identifying probable causes of issues and recommending corrective steps to restore structural integrity and building aesthetics.