Expert Network

Your one-stop resource for environmental testing
and property damage & restoration services

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Our story

Expert Network, Inc. was developed to fill a void in the marketplace for a responsive, reliable and competent one-stop resource to handle the diverse needs of property owners who have suffered damage to their homes or businesses.

Our experience and intimate understanding of the inter-relationship between emergency services has allowed us to create and grow a family of highly qualified service suppliers that meets the needs of consumers as well as their professional representatives—with a single call!

We Understand Requirements

Listening carefully to customers and business partners is a critical component for ensuring that everything is scheduled and performed as directed and in a timely fashion.

We work Professionally

Our technicians are fully credentialed and experienced, resulting in a high level of accuracy and satisfaction to all parties.

We Document Everything

All inspections and test results are thoroughly documented, generating a complete understanding of our work and to facilitate reporting to insurance carriers.